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Monday, February 8, 2016

CO-4G CNE Assignment no-3
Submit this assignment by 15/2/2016, 4:00PM
Define Wi-Max.
Give any two disadvantages of unshielded twisted pair cable.
Draw and explain Co-axial cable.
Draw the constructional sketch of co-axial cable. Describe any three characteristics of co-axial cable.
State the factors to be considered for selecting transmission media. (Eight points)
State the criteria for selecting transmission media.
Explain infrared communication. List any two disadvantages of infrared communication.
Draw and explain fiber optic cable.
Describe any four physical characteristics of fiber optic cable.
Explain different modes of fibre optic cable.
Explain satellite communication with neat diagram.
List any two advantages of optical fiber cable.
State two applications of optical fibre cable.
Give two applications of   i) twisted pair cable  ii) co-axial cable
Compare guided and unguided media used in computer network.
Explain handoff procedure of cellular mobile phone.
Describe the following terms with reference to cellular telephony :
(i)         Hard Hand Off                    (ii)  Soft Hand Off
Explain following wireless technologies used in computer communication :
i) wi-fi     ii) bluetooth
Explain in brief the functioning of Bluetooth.
Define guided media. List the types of guided media.
Name the layer which is associated with the transmission media.
If you have two computers to connect to a network located over a long distance of 100 km, which type of transmission media, medium you will use? Justify your answer by describing its features.
Explain twisted pair cable with neat sketch.
Give any two applications of microwave communication.
What is the frequency band used for cellular telephony ? How a mobile call is transmitted and received ?
How cross cable is created ? Draw figure and explain. Give its application.